Teachings Index

First Part

Doctrinal Courses

Course I - Spiritual Development

Course II - Sacrifice

Course III - Inner Life

Course IV - Spiritual Life of Cafh

Course V - The Way to Renunciation

Course VI - Messages

Course VII - Renunciation

Course VIII - The Good Way

Course IX - Commentaries on Cafh´s Regulation

Course X - Renunciation in the World and in the Souls

Course XI - Ceremonials, Prayers and Hymns

Course XII - Spirit of Cafh


Ascetic Mystic Courses

Course XIII - Ascetic Prayer

Course XIV - Mystical Asceticism

Course XV - Affective Meditation

Course XVI - Discursive Meditation

Course XVII - Contemplative Vocation

Course XVIII – Cafh´s Gymnastics

Course XIX - Postures

Course XX - Exercises and Examples of Meditation

Course XXI - Commentaries on Meditation

Course XXII - Methods of Meditation


Courses on History

Course XXIII - History of Man

Course XXIV - Great Initiates of the Aryan Race

Course XXV - Great Initiates of Fire

Course XXVI - History of Esoteric Orders

Course XXVII - Comparative Religion

Course XXVIII - Ten Great Religions

Course XXIX - Anthropogenesis


Courses on Philosophy

Course XXX - Philosophy

Course XXXI - Theology

Course XXXII - Cosmogony

Course XXXIII - Oratory

Course XXXIV - Basic Theology


Esoteric Courses

Course XXXV - Archaic Symbology

Course XXXVI - The Becoming

Course XXXVII - Science of Life

Course XXXVIII - Astral Aura

Course XXXIX - Planetary System

Course XL - Commentary on Zatachakra Nirupana

Course XLI - The Ethereal Wheels

Course XLII - Magical Exercises

Translator’s Notice: Here and in the following text, Rosicrucian Fellowship (or Brotherhood) has to be interpreted as Ancient Rosicrucian Tradition, without any specific connotations referred to other Institutions of the same or similar kind in the world. Such are Master Santiago Bovisio’s intentions.

Course XLIII - The Tarot


Courses on Communities

Course XLIV - Superiors of Community

Course XLV - Intimacy of the Perfect

Course XLVI - Interpretation for the Ordained of Community

Course XLVII - Lectures at Embalse