This Canon Edition of the Teachings definitively replaces the previous 2001 Edition, and completes it. It is based on original matrices faithfully preserved by some disciples, and composed of 47 Courses describing and explaining the Doctrine on Renunciation, the Fundamental Law of the New Aquarian Age. These courses are of different length, mainly 16 Teachings, and classified as general disciplines, or parts, linked by conceptual and thematic affinities, as the List of Works reads. The Content of Teachings appears in the beginning of every Course individually, for a thematic guide and link for a quick access.

As in previous occasions throughout History, quite vital ideas have undergone, as the time passed by, variations, changes and sometimes unavoidable contradictions. Those who were responsible for these currents of thought have chosen to fix by writing the original thought, if possible, emanated from the very author, a Canon, from which naturally new currents have arisen to enrich mother ideas of the Founder of the Doctrine.

As we stay at the end of a world threatening with its extinction very soon, we feel that to preserve the Message of Renunciation among the highest number of depositaries ‘Humanity’ sustained by a steady and immutable instrument, easy to handle, of free access, communicable and without intermediaries, will be the best hope for those predestined beings chosen by the Divine Providence to be saved from destruction and able to continue the human evolution toward its grand destiny.

We hope for this new format now presented a proper welcome as in the first Edition. Normal mistakes have been amended, distribution of subjects has been arranged, and those commentaries and additions not in accordance with original texts have been erased. So Santiago Bovisio’s direct Teachings remain now in the hands of men, by fulfilling his final injunction: Expand the Message of Renunciation through all Humanity!. May the Divine Mother bless them with her power of Love.

The Editors.

Cafh Founder


Unión Savonaroliana

Universidad Espiritualista Americana


Santiago Bovisio, born in the city of Bergamo, North of Italy, on September 29, 1904, since his early childhood manifested extraordinary faculties and prophecy, reaching extraordinary levels by virtue of time, discipline and advice of physical and astral instructors. Those who knew him have reported about his voluntary access to any supraphysical dimension, powers that just some few men possessed.

From a family of religious Catholics, educated at a Passionist college, he tried to enter the Order; but his health impeded it; thence his affection for the Founder, Saint Paul of the Cross and his mystique of ash.

In his youth entered the Order of Knights of the Fire, an European branch (C.H.E.F.), in Venice, a very reserved esoteric institute where just European nobility could accede and whose members possessed relevant psychological powers; in the “Palace of the Count”, he was under the Master Giovanni Veniviene, in those days the best herbalist in Europe, from whom Santiago Bovisio learnt the art of natural healing.

On January 10, 1926, now with the grade of Ordered Knight, at the age of 21, they entrusted him the mission of founding a spiritual institute in Argentine. Shortly afterwards he founded the Savonarolian Union, in Buenos Aires, since his Astral Guide was the great Dominican reformer and martyr of Ferrara (Girolamo Savonarola; 1452-1498), who in the Teachings appears as The Monitor. Seemingly he founded later, in Rosario, the American Spiritualistic University, with the adherence of groups of different kinds. Many Teachings here transcribed are from that time.

On 3 March, 1937, along with three companions, founds CAFH, initials of Sacred Order of American Knights of Fire (IHES), like the European Order, but independent. The definitive consolidation of this work is reached in Buenos Aires ten years later, with the approval of the unique non-modifiable Regulation, and the election of Santiago Bovisio as Knight Great Master of CAFH.

Santiago Bovisio formed family in Argentine, married in his youth and had one daughter and two sons. He travelled through the Argentine, and founded groups in the most important provinces, even in other American countries. The education of children was his great concern and erected colleges in Córdoba, Mendoza, La Plata and Santiago de Chile.

He was preparing a terrestrial journey to Sierras Madre de Dios, Noreast of Machu Pichu to discover a land untrodden by human feet, which the Divine Mother had promised to CAFH to build a secret Mystical Community, OM HES, of Ordered Priests, and to rule from there the American work of the new era, when surprisingly died in a road accident in the outskirts of Río Cuarto, in the morning of July 3, 1962, at the age of 57. It snowed copiously.