Reflection N° 75 - The Radiant Barrier

In precedent Reflection # 74 we have stated: Maitreya, the Great Solar Initiate, has established by means of his Global Planetary Aura, a barrier wrapping and penetrating us with no exception, and that this mark fixes an inflection point between the characteristic involution of the human history since the beginning and the new evolutionary way opening the American Sakib’s Age.

Course XXIV - Teaching 4: Solar Initiates of Second Category

Solar Initiates of Second Category print on Humanity the Idea-Mother to develop during the whole Race. In the course of the Aryan Race, these Initiates have to develop the Idea-Mother about the unification of the Divine and Humanity.

Course XXVIII - Teaching 3: Brahmanism

Aryan established all their religions, philosophies, laws, letter and arts on Vedas. The Upanishads and Sutras, which are moral and philosophy of Hinduism, are vast commentaries on early texts based on their religion.